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On Eagles Wings, Mediatations for Christians in a 12 Step Program

Yet, the strength of those who wait with hope in the lord will be renewed.  They will soar on wings like eagles.  Thy will run and won’t become weary.  Isaiah 40:31

When we first walked into a room of recovering people, we had hope, however slim, that we could get better. When we utilize the program, especially Steps Two and Three, and let God run the show, our hope is strengthened. We see others who have recovered and eventually begin to feel that recovery in ourselves. Everything was a struggle for us before recovery.  Every task, large or small, was a burden. By trusting God to run our lives, and by sharing our struggles with our group, we can lessen our burdens. Daily we can continue to hope for recovery and gain strength to continue this path.

We have fixed our hope on the living God, who is the Savior of all [men], especially of believers.

1 Timothy 4:10



Inflation and my soul

In my mornings readings and meditations I came across the question, “What nourishes your soul?” I thought about this and also wondered what deflates it?  Snow shoeing on a cold but sunny day truly lifts my spirits, feeds my soul with vitamin D. I get a renewal of energy that continues into the rest of my day, a warming of my body that radiates to my soul and from my smiling rosie-cheecked face. I realized that conflict deflates my soul. I see now why in 12 Step programs we “promptly admit” our wrongs.  By doing so we patch the hole in our spirits before they deflate. In the past, when my spirit was deflated I looked to “spirits” to fill me, inflate me, lift me high. Soon came the let down, a deflation that left me even more flattened then before.  Today I choose to nourish my soul, work to keep my spirit lifted and in doing so, have loving relationships, ones where we can learn and grow from one another, have a strengthening of bonds by trusting and loving one another, and being open to change. I have learned that by remaining teachable, humble, I get to be taught by my friends, how to treat others with respect and the courage to expect respect. Whenever I feel conflict in a relationship, conflict of my own making, I make amends,quickly, for this not only heals the relationship, it allows spirits to grow, spread wings and soar!Image