God’s Friday

Good Friday isn’t a celebration but a remembrance, a time for somber reflection on the cross, the death of Jesus, the effect this had on the earth; time to look at my behaviors and thoughts.According to God’s law, it is I that should be hanging. In today’s morally lenient society I am almost sparkling clean. Not true in God’s eyes if I didn’t have faith in Jesus or believe that what happened on the cross over two thousand years ago. I do have that faith. I know that Jesus’ death was for my benefit! I am now sparkling clean in God’s eyes. Thank the Lord! The black cloth that symbolizes Good Friday in many churches represents the filthy sins of this world’s inhabitants, of God’s own creation. I feel the weight of my sins as I reflect today on the Son of God, dying on a cross. I am like Barabbas, set free but guilty! May I repent of my sins, truly seek forgiveness and humility, May I hold these reflections in my heart until the glorious dawning of Easter. Then my soul can rejoice and be as light and white as the angel at the empty tomb of our Lord. Image


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