Monthly Archives: February 2015

Free at Last

I began volunteering at the Animal Humane Society in Woodbury a few weeks ago. I work (read pet and cuddle) with the cats and help people find their perfect match. I also signed up for Community Cats, a program that captures feral cats, neuters or spays them and releases them back into the neighborhood where they were found.  Each kitty has her own personality and I am truly enjoying the time I spend with them and the other volunteers. Today I got to do my first release for Community Cats. The female kitty was petite and did not make one sound while in the carrier in my car. I set the carrier down with the acrylic pane facing a wooded area and boom, the kitty pounced against the pane, sensing her opportunity to get into the wild wild woods of Woodbury. I was startled by the strength of the less than 6 pound kitty. Before I could even get the door slid all the way open, she ran for dear life from the crate and didn’t stop. I am happy to be a part of such a wonderful organization. Stop in any one of our five metro locations and see for yourself the great work the Animal Humane Society does.