Crazier for Coconut Oil

It’s been a while since I posted anything.  Spring is finally here in the Twin Cities and I had an Aha Moment! All my windows are open, chicken is on the grill!  While waiting for said chicken to be done, I decided that I needed to polish my Dansko work shoes. When I was younger, I used to polish my dad’s and brother’s shoes with linseed oil. I don’t have any. I also do not keep petrolium jelly in the house anymore. “Hmmmm, ” I said to myself. “I wonder what would happen if I used my Cold Processed Organic Coconut oil?”  Wonder no more! It worked like a charm! My shoes are clean and shiny and it took 30 seconds per shoe! While I was at it, I  rubbed the excess coconut oil on my fingernails and cuticles for that manicured look!

Today is a great day to sit on the porch and get to polishing those shoes!

Happy Spring to you all!


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