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Under Pressure

Today, once again, I read from Your Nail – Lenten Meditations by Arden W. Mead. The scripture to read our entry is Romans 8:31-39.  Your Nail  writes of St. Paul and the list of enemies that Christ has “disamed” for us – tribulation (translated as pressure), distress, persecution, famine and more.  Mr. Mead asks us, “How, in this modern age, has Christ disarmed our enemies?”

We may feel hungry – not for food but for more of everything. God promises that in Him we have all that we need (2 Peter 1:3). As a matter of fact, we have just enough.  I may not be persecuted in this life but I may be rejected for my Christian morals and beliefs. So be it, for in heaven I will be welcomed and loved – forever.  I might have pressures and stress in this life.  However, even if only for a moment at a time, I can pray and turn them over to God.  I can do my best and know that God is there to help me, for he promised to send his Spirit and to always be with me.  Once our earthly lives are finished, we will have eternal peace.  Everlasting bliss. Nothing can harm us forever – except unbelief!

Thank you, Lord for disarming my enemies with your nails on the cross; for bestowing your gift of faith upon me. May I cherish these gifts of forever.


Nailed it!

John 16:22 “Now is your time of grief, but I will see  you again and you will recjoice, and no one will take away your joy.”  This was one of the passages to review for today’s entry in “Your Nail – A Lenten Meditation” by Arden W. Mead.  I came across this very passage a few weeks ago and wrote it down for my husband to give to his father.  Jack is 90 years old and suffering from dementia – he has no short term memory. The next time I see him, I am going to reread this verse to him. He is a Christian and will be going to heaven. What hope we Christians have! Hope is not wishful thinking. It is knowing and relying on something that one day will happen! The lenten meditation speaks of our “nail” as our griefs, sorrows, sickness. Jack is living with his “nail”. One day he will be at peace – knowing an endless joy with his Savior. Jesus took all of our “nails” with him when he died on the cross.  I am so grateful that Jesus “Nailed it!” – so I don’t have to! Thank you,God.

Holy Holes

On Tuesday, Your Nail- Daily Lenten Meditations by Arden W. Mead, asked the question “Who are the enemies Christ has “disarmed” for you? One enemy is my conscience. I am no longer condemned by my sins. We as believers in Christ are forgiven, we are cleansed! The booklet Your Nail recommends that we actually get a nail and keep it with us or within sight. When I confront my nail, I get to tell my conscience to “Be quiet! Be still”- for I know God. I trust God. When Jesus gasped with his last breath, “It is finished,” I know that he did the deed. My sins are forgiven. I can put my finger into the holes in his palms. My sins were washed away by his blood and by the water of my baptism. I pray that I may use my nail to hang up my anxieties, my pet sins, my ego. I pray that the cool clean wind of the Spirit may blow, moving me closer to the cross, Jesus and my salvation. May I continue to trust in Jesus when my seas are turbulent or when my sails are slack- for God knows my path. He will see me to my journeys end – home with him in eternity.


Support Beams

I’ve been reading Your Nail, Daily Lenten Meditations by Arden W. Mead. On Monday one of the Bible verses to consider was 2 Corinthians 2:12-16. This is the opposite of the parading of prisoners or prisoners of war. I feel it coinsides with Isaiah 54:4 – ” Fear not: for thou shat not be ashamed.” We believers in Christ do not have to do the walk of shame.  We get to hold our heads up high. We are propped up by the cross of Christ.  The very tree that held our savior as he died is now our support. Because of His death we are saved.  We are washed clean of all our sins – sins committed and sins still yet to be done. Your Nail raises the questions “Who or what are your enemies?” and “How has Christ defeated them?” My enemies are my sins and the devil and his death angels of temptation.  Jesus defeated them but I still have to resist as best as I can,  quote the word of God back to them ( as Jesus did when tempted in the desert). Then I need to remember that Christ has overcome the world and death. He lives and because of that I, too, shall live. When in the throws of temptation, may I turn to the cross of Christ and there find my support.