Holy Holes

On Tuesday, Your Nail- Daily Lenten Meditations by Arden W. Mead, asked the question “Who are the enemies Christ has “disarmed” for you? One enemy is my conscience. I am no longer condemned by my sins. We as believers in Christ are forgiven, we are cleansed! The booklet Your Nail recommends that we actually get a nail and keep it with us or within sight. When I confront my nail, I get to tell my conscience to “Be quiet! Be still”- for I know God. I trust God. When Jesus gasped with his last breath, “It is finished,” I know that he did the deed. My sins are forgiven. I can put my finger into the holes in his palms. My sins were washed away by his blood and by the water of my baptism. I pray that I may use my nail to hang up my anxieties, my pet sins, my ego. I pray that the cool clean wind of the Spirit may blow, moving me closer to the cross, Jesus and my salvation. May I continue to trust in Jesus when my seas are turbulent or when my sails are slack- for God knows my path. He will see me to my journeys end – home with him in eternity.



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