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StILl CraZy for CocoNUt (OiL)

I used up my small batch of coconut oil, baking soda and essential oil toothscrub and thought, hmmm, what else should I do with my coconut oil love affair?  Jillee blogs “One Good Thing” and on it the other day was 20 Natural Ways to Sleep Better It included a recipe for Dream-y Sleep Salve. I just received my order from Spark Naturals (I used the coupon code Jillee and recieved a discount) including the Dream Essential Oil blend and glass jars with covers and organic beeswax. Within twenty minutes, I had followed the recipe and my salve was in liquid form, cooling in the jars! The organic olive oil gives the product a pretty pale green color which seems to go very well with the scent. By the time I was ready for bed, the liquid had become a soft salve. I slathered this on my feet, inhaled the lovely scent and put on plush socks. I awoke the next morning more refreshed than I have been in many nights! I fell asleep fast and stayed asleep! This stuff rocks! Not only is the scent wonderfully soothing but the oils seep into the soles of my feet rendering them as soft as a baby’s bottom. I know what my sister is getting from me! Make up a batch and try it for yourself! Dream on, Friends!